Regina Bittencourt

Operations Manager - IT Consultant
Code SA
Santiago, Chile

I have always been fascinated for numbers, math and logic. At the same time, since I was a girl I do art and craft. With this math-based art work I want to show and communicate people that math is fun and that numbers are all over around our daily life. Numbers are fun! Play with them!

The success of this piece of art is that the observer gets curious and finds out why and how that number, formula or sign on the painting is related to the big bang of a hidden number.

Also, this is a tribute to the TV serie The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang of ...
The Big Bang of ...
59x89 cms / 24x36 inch
Acrilic on Canvas

Every number has its properties and our daily life is surrounded by numbers. Everything on this painting relates to number seventy-three, a prime number. 73 is the 21st prime number (P); its mirror is 37 which is the 12th prime number (73 21 | 12 37)

Numbers can be expressed in different ways. Such as using different bases: in binary is 1001001 (a palindrome), on base 5 is 243, its octal 111 is a palindrome and repdigit, 49 in hexadecimal. Using Roman numeral (LXIII); in Morse (---… …---) also a mirror; or in Greek letters

The number hidden on the bar code cannot be placed on a box, neither on a rectangle. Goldbach’s weak conjectures are expressed (2+71 and 17+19+37); Tantalum (Ta)’s atomic number is 73; the star is a 73-dots hexagram with a 37-dots hexagon in the inset; and every odd whole number greater than 1 can be written as the difference of two squares (37^2 – 36^2 = 37 + 36)

Best Regards! ______ (73 is Morse abbrev for Best Regards)
March 14th, 2013 ____(day 73)