Richard Kallweit

Bethany, CT, USA

My works are all an investigation into mathematical form using artistic means. I beleive that the intuitive and playful aspects of art expression have led to many discoveries otherwise unobtainable by traditional means.

Triacontahedron with star pattern
Triacontahedron with star pattern
10 inx10in x10in
printed paper

This is a relatively simple geometric form . It is composed of elements of pntagonal structure. Since the flat diamond shapes will not fit together as a flat surface the triacontahedron shape deforms them into a saddle shape. I used an old pattern of mine to cover the surface.

Cantor Dust
Cantor Dust
41/2x4/12 inches (set of two pieces)
wood paint

These two constructs are actually realizations of Cantor diagrams in 3 dimensions. Every other unit is removed and the one shape is the negative of the other.

Escher's Ladder
Escher's Ladder
laser cut plywood

This piece is comprised of interlocking wood planes in the form of a fractal tetrahedron derived from cubic forms
placed on edge. I have long been constructing images of this sort. I use cubes as sort of pixels to define space. As cubes are naturally space filling an infinite number of space constructs are available.