Wild & Geraci

Fields Institute
Toronto, Canada

Ron Wild creates intense, multi-dimensional "smART Map" collages. These vibrant mash-ups remix up to 100 layers of finely detailed mathematical and scientific imagery. Ron’s extreme mapping approach results in rich visual montages that spark many novel ideas and insights. You can’t just casually look at these ‘smART Maps’, you really have to wonder about them. As science is not just for the scientists, art is not just for the artists. Here is an emerging explorer at the art and science frontier, who bridges the divide between the two. With a foot firmly planted in each camp, Ron’s extreme mapping approach results in rich visual montages that spark many novel perspectives and insights. Ron Wild is a western-Canadian Digital Art / Science Collaborator, currently working in downtown Toronto He believes that unless people ask "but is it art?" it isn't.

Digital Chromogenic Original

Reckoning is the result of an effort which attempted to create an aesthetically pleasing piece involving an explosive brew of mathematical imagery. Many of the images are unlikely to be understood by the general public, however the hieroglyphic characteristic of modern mathematics is none the less, beautiful. The piece features characteristic elements from geometry, topology, combinatorics, physics, analysis, and algebra.

Dr. Joseph Geraci is a mathematical physicist working in medicine and drug discovery. He uses mathematical structures to strip away the cacophony of noise that is inherent in medical data sets where the goal is the ability to predict the most effective treatment for individual patients. Currently he works on several cancer projects and mood disorder treatments. He utilizes graph theory, topology, geometry, statistics, dynamical systems theory and beyond.