Sue Simon

Englewood, Colorado, USA

My artwork deals exclusively with scientific ideas. I paint and draw what scientists and mathematicians study and conceptualize. For many years I have incorporated scientific images and notation in my artwork. The science and mathematics in my paintings come from current research.

Life, matter, the universal forces, and art as well, form complex systems. I attempt to describe how the many different parts are linked and integrated. Combining the elegance of science and the visual richness of art is the focus of my work.

I have shown in galleries, universities, museums, in group and solo exhibits, and have several commissions in scientific institutions. I am represented in the book “Colorado Abstract, Painting and Sculpture”.

In 2013 my math artwork was shown at the California Women's Museum, San Diego, CA. and online at The Museum of the Golden Ratio and Bob Grumman's blog: M@h*(pOet)?ica at the Scientific American website.

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A Mathematical Fragment
A Mathematical Fragment
12" x 12"
Acrylic and collage on board

This is a collage which uses pieces of acrylic monotypes, cut and reconfigured, as well as parts of equations. I think of this as a mathematical landscape in which some things are seen and some are hidden.