Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure

Mathematics teacher, Master of Engineering holder
Collège Gambetta
Cahors, France

Mathematics, music, computer science : these are the roots of the digital pieces of work I create.
My interest for musical theory and its physical and mathematical founding principles (Pythagoras, d'Alembert, Fourier) have led my work on animations composed of simple motions, generally periodic, especially sinusoidal.
Object-oriented programming has given me a great freedom to explore my ideas about forms and motions.
Each piece of work can be seen as a mathematical object developed in multiple dimensions: cloning, position, scale, colour... and, above all, time.
The temporal evolution is both simple in its premises and unexpected. Forms appear (numbers!), kinematic continuity blends with spatial and cognitive discontinuity.
Periodic motion, at the core of music but also of many familiar phenomenons (star motions, heart beats, sea waves...), makes these pieces of work universal. Each and every one is able to wonder, to grasp, to marvel at the underlying beauty of the process.

O = _ +  |   (Vibrating discs)
O = _ + | (Vibrating discs)
37x35x42 cm
actionscript perpetual animation on 36 cm TV

exp(ix) = cos(x) + i sin(x) : sinusoidal motion is a projection of circular motion.
This may be where its beauty mostly comes from.

Similar & Singular
Similar & Singular
37x36x39 cm
actionscript perpetual animation on 36 cm TV

What makes us the same? What differentiates us? What makes us unique?
Form, size, skin colour, place and date of birth, direction, trajectory, speed. A lot of common points, but also differences, may they be real or imaginary. A strong link, the affiliation to the same community (class), despite our uniqueness (as instances).

Corde vibrante (Vibrating string)
Corde vibrante (Vibrating string)
38x36x41 cm
actionscript perpetual animation on 36 cm TV

Picking a guitar string generates sinusoidal waves of multiple frequencies called harmonics. This piece of work, by its construction, tries to depict the acoustic beauty of a vibrating string.