Adam Brucker

Cleverspec Art + Design
Boulder, CO

No matter the medium, my work combines simple starting elements in ways that reveal increasing, and often unexpected, levels of complexity and aesthetic interest - a sort of "one plus one is greater than two" approach that remains consistent throughout. I believe that artists are best measured by their ability to create "something out of anything" and my favorite techniques are those that take advantage of the basic organizing principles and phenomena that shape the world we all commonly experience and live in, but generally take for granted. Simple changes in perspective & scale, the utilization of geometric patterns & repeatable processes, and the harnessing of non-obvious forces like magnetism & modularity all make their way into my work and represent opportunities to demonstrate that which I value most: the clever application of understanding and mastery within the rules and constraints of any given situation.

Impossible Curve Sculpture - JMM:2013
Impossible Curve Sculpture - JMM:2013
21"x21"x2" (Single Panel)
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon Cord

A modern riff on “string art” featuring unexpected curves and patterns produced only with straight line segments using the principles inherent in Bézier curves. Modular panels made from aluminum, stainless steel and nylon cord attach to the wall using powerful rare-earth magnets allowing for quick changes among multiple configurations.