David Reimann

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College
Albion, Michigan

I am interested in mathematical patterns that convey a message at multiple levels or scales. I enjoy creating art that uses text to form geometric patterns and geometric patterns that form text. I am also very interested in using tessellations as the basis of interesting patterns.

Ménage à Trois
Ménage à Trois
8 in x 8 in
digital print

This artwork depicts three intersecting paths, each having C2 symmetry, with the intertwined paths having C6 symmetry. The overall patterns have nearly, but not exactly, C2 and C6 symmetry due to the lack of symmetry in the over/under path crossings, providing additional movement in the piece. The paths are constructed in a piecewise fashion using hexagonal tiles decorated with arcs placed on a hexagonal grid.