Jeannye Dudley

Project Architect
Stanley Beaman Sears
Atlanta, Georgia

My passion is math art and architecture. My favorite graphic artist is M. C. Escher, his understanding of projective geometry and mastery of false tonality to create visual illusions.

The visual continuous curves were generated parametrically by a recursive design pattern developed based on simple a square motif and a replication rule (ratio) of 1 to 9. At first glance the piece appears flat; this effect is achieved through the black background. All the visual clues that the eye searches for to determine depth are lost in the dark monlithic background.

The success in this piece is that it encourages the observer to wonder where does the pattern begin and end. The pattern becomes a path of CONTINUATIONS by providing an overlap at the initial four squares.

This recursive design pattern provides the starting point for many other architectural investigations, like a stair case, a roof canopy or a wall panel system. The excitement is - integration of math - art - architecture

CONTINUATIONS - Recursion Study in Wood
CONTINUATIONS - Recursion Study in Wood
18" x 18" x 4"

3D relief study of recursion generated with a square motif.