Jill Schad

Lead, South Dakota

I became fascinated with the creative possibilities of algorithms as art after watching a special on mathematics. As I explore the infinite world of algorithms, I find myself being totally immersed into their beauty and uniqueness. Each discovery I make is like opening a gift and then the fun begins. I aspire to share my original works of art with others, so they too can be stimulated by a universal medium such as math.
Choosing algorithms was a natural medium for me to use. I use the computer as my canvas and the algorithms are my brushes. I create by combining many formulas, gradients, transparencies and masks. Each work involves many layers and combinations to create and expand on my ideas.
I am creating work that has a foothold in both reality and fantasy. Since algorithms are the math of nature, my work has a natural flow, which brings it to life. I am self taught and find that the path I have taken continues my journey of learning, exploration, & discovery.

My Guardian Angel
My Guardian Angel
23 X 15 Gallery Wrap
Printed with pigment ink on canvas

I created this work for a juried display at the Avera Hospital in Sioux Falls featuring our vision of a guardian. A good friend of mine has stage 4 cancer and is being treated there.
I used nothing but fractal algorithms in its creation. It is unique because its one of a kind.