Kazmier Maslanka

United States

"As an artist, my interest in correlating experience through language spawned my desire to study mathematics and physics. I am currently pursuing my interest in using mathematics as a language for art. I serve the concept of polyaesthetics and mathematical poetry by viewing mathematical equations and the variables within the equations as capable of providing the structure for metaphors. Furthermore it pushes the boundary for the use of mathematical equations from the traditional role of denotation into a new role of connotation. Mixing poetics in the structure of mathematical equations enables me to blend the aesthetics of poetry, science and mathematics. With phrases embedded in the mathematical equations, one can construct relationships between the phrases that can bring a linguistic richness to subjects that normally not use mathematics as a language, e.g. cultural, spiritual, etc."

The Fog
The Fog
Digital Print in a light box

This is an example of what I call a "Similar Triangle Poem" but could also be described as a "Proportional Poem". The "Similar triangle" idea is used only to help those who are more art oriented to visualize proportions. All of the proportional poems are in the form of "a is to b" as "d is to e". In addition, one of the variables is chosen to be solved and the poem is displayed as a result. The visual images within this polyaesthetic work serve synergistically in the conflation of the mathematical and visual aesthetic experience. The image was created in Photoshop by me using a combination of digital painting techniques and photography. This poem and image were inspired by my Seon (Korean Zen) studies. The temple shown is named Biro Ahm and is part of a large complex of temples within the Tongdosa Monastery in South Korea. The proportion expressed is "Fog is to the Dharma as the Ocean is to an Island"