Lisa Kattchee and Karl Kattchee

Artist (Lisa Kattchee); Associate Professor of Mathematics (Karl Kattchee)
Coralville, Iowa; La Crosse, Wisconsin

This brother/sister collaboration is based on the premise that mathematics and art are inseparable and they interact on many levels.

Magic Square?
Magic Square?
20 x 20
digital print

Each of the images in this array is a collage, created using the editor at
Each image in this 4x4 square has a mathematical theme, such as symmetry, cardinality, trigonometry, topology (donuts and Klein bottles), fractal geometry (Mandelbrot set), self-reference, infinity, etc.
Two of the images are derived from mathematical art previously exhibited by Karl at the Joint Meetings.
The overall image is a magic square, although the metric for evaluating the rows and columns will remain unexplained.