Stephen Wilmoth

Math dept, U.C. Berkeley
Pebble Beach, Ca.

My work is directed at demonstrating the amazing interrelationship of the Regular Polyhedrons (Platonic Solids plus Kepler/Poinsot), and the Golden Ratio( 1.618). Blending these together creates the three dimensional projection of the Fibonacci numbers. I call this phenomenon the Morphohedron.

Crystal Morphohedron
Crystal Morphohedron
6"x6"x6" closed 6"x6"x 18" opened
Clear Acrylic

Transparent Dodecahedron that open to reveal clear cube inside that opens to allow a tetrahedron/octahedron to come out, which opens to reveal the inner icosahedron. All the Regular Solids (Platonic Solids)are here harmoniously nested.