Mojgan Lisar and Reza Sarhangi

Artist and Art Therapist / Professor of Mathematics
Enschede, the Netherlands / Towson University, Maryland, USA

Mojgan is a Tazhib artist. Tazhib (Illumination) is a classical Persian art, which was used originally for the decoration of books. Mojgan’s Tazhib artworks are more contemporary in the selection of colors and the execution of curves compared to some more traditional artists. All the fine details in a Tazhib artwork are executed by hands.

Reza is interested in Persian geometric art and its historical methods of construction, which he explores using the computer software Geometer's Sketchpad. He then creates digital artworks from these geometric constructions primarily using the computer software PaintShopPro.

Blue Sun
Blue Sun
A combination of hand painting and computer work

The Blue Sun is a collage of two different Persian works of art, both with deep mathematical roots: Tiling and Tazhib. The mosaic design on the back is a two-level self-similar tiling that has been made based on the decagram. This structure possesses a 10-fold rotational symmetry. This symmetry can be expanded in all directions using the five Sâzeh motifs introduced in "Polyhedral Modularity in a Special Class of Decagram Based Interlocking Star Polygons" by Reza Sarhangi, the 2012 Bridges Proceedings. The tiling at the center presents the tiling of a decagram that follows the same rules as the larger tiling in the back. The front image is a decagram Tazhip. In a traditional Persian Tazhib, one can find mathematical ideas and concepts, such as symmetries, spirals, polygons and star polygons.