Ron Asherov

Holon, Israel

As a Mathematics student I was always fascinated with the visual and artistic representation of mathematical ideas. I always try to find the hidden mathematics in an artwork, or integrate it myself to achieve a more interesting piece of work or a better understanding of the mathematical principles. This work incorporates ideas from Geometry and Graph Theory, while some physical principles are hinted.

Beaded Colored Platonic Solids
Beaded Colored Platonic Solids
4x20x4 cm
Acrylic beads, nylon string

This work features the five Platonic Solids, crafted with colorful acrylic beads and nylon string. Aside from the known mathematical and geometrical features of the Solids, this work shows mathematical concepts in another two ways. Firstly, the edges of the Solids are colored in a way that every face of the Solid is composed of edges of every color exactly once. Secondly, the path of the string in the beads was carefully chosen such that it connects every pair of adjacent edges exactly once. This can be seen by looking at every vertex of the figure and noting that the string creates exactly the complete graph of the relevant order.