Susan Happersett

Jersey City, NJ, USA

My fascination with mathematics and my love of visual arts has led me on a journey to build a link between mathematics and drawing. It has become my mission to express the intrinsic aesthetic value of Mathematics in a purely visual language. I use a number of graphing and geometric plotting techniques to examine the aesthetic characteristics of functions, sequences and series in a visual language. Through the years my drawing has become a type of meditation. Many of the mathematical sequences in my work involve growth patterns. I have also incorporated binary code, explored self-similarity and chaos theory. Through these drawings I hope to reveal the grace and balance in the mathematics of nature and technology.

Fibonacci Proportions
Fibonacci Proportions
14" x 18"
Ink on paper

The counted marking drawing "Fibonacci Proportions" explores the Fibonacci sequence as a growth pattern expressed by the density of the markings.