Alan Singer

Professor, School of Art
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York

Over the past ten years I have studied the use of mathematical forms in visual art, and I employ these forms in my own work. I found software online to help in this endeavor such as 3D-Xplormath, K3D-Surf, and Cinderella. The use of mathematical visualization tools on the computer helps me explore realms that I would not have been able to imagine any other way. My favorite current field of exploration involves the use of algebraic equations to create implicit surfaces. Every form in my current work is created from these digital mathematical models. The potential for this is seemingly endless.

The Obelisk Redux
The Obelisk Redux
14" x 10"
watercolor and digital monoprint on Fabriano paper

This composition is created using 3D-Xplormath, Photoshop Extended and Strata 3D. The elements are put together in a composite and transferred onto moist Fabriano paper through the pressure of an etching press. It is a remarkable image that relates to the Surrealist school of art, while exploring regions only available through mathematical visualization.