Nathan Selikoff

Artist / Programmer
Orlando, FL
I play with interactivity and motion in time and space: in the colorful swirls of abstract, mathematically generated forms; in the whimsical dancing of a giant cardboard marionette; and in the mysterious movement of light across musical performers. Inspired by the behavior of systems, science, nature, and music, I combine computer code, traditional materials, and future technology to bring new ideas to life. As people of all ages interact with my art, I hope they experience the same curiosity and wonder that I do during the creative process.
Four Dimensions
Four Dimensions
Composed by Keith Lay. Commissioned and performed by the Orlando Philharmonic. Soloist Brian Smithers. Conducted by maestro Dirk Meyer. Supported by Full Sail University. Marc Pinsky - Wiimote integration. Sean McKeown - lighting.
Four Dimensions is a single movement work for orchestra lasting under seven minutes that incorporates surround sound electronics, solo electronic wind instrument (EWI), and real-time visuals. Conceptually, the piece represents a journey through the mathematical dimensions: zero (on/off), one (points become lines), two (lines become planes), three (planes become volumes), and four (volumes enter an imperceptible fourth dimension). Four Dimensions was a collaboration with composer Keith Lay. We conceptualized the piece together as an imaginary exploration of the mathematical dimensions. Keith then composed the piece, sending me previews as he refined the score. When the music was nearing completion, I created and refined the real-time artwork. During the concert, I performed the visuals using my laptop and iPhone, following the conductor along with the rest of the orchestra.