Ho Gul Park

Inventor and draft man
4D Math and Science Creativity Institute
Seoul, Korea

Park Sphere II was made by expanding spheres composed of 12 ‘pentagon units’. Each hemisphere is symmetrically inflated to express the ‘Cell division’ into the ‘Big bang’.

Park SphereⅡ- Green Egg
Park SphereⅡ- Green Egg

This is a modified form of the previous Park Sphere which was presented in the Bridge Workshop in 2012. As you can see from the subtitle ‘Green Egg’, it has a similar shape with the egg as if it is holding life inside it in the green color which symbolizes the unspoiled nature. Assuming that ‘Park Sphere’ is ‘Cell’ which is the fundamental unit of every living organism, ‘Park Sphere II’ can be considered as a process of ‘cell division’ which represents the growth and reproduction of living organism. In other words, it has the meaning of a living organism holding living nature as well as a broader meaning of space. Regular dodecahedron which symbolizes space among various Three-dimensional figures is composed of 12 pentagons.