Mike Naylor

Researcher and Artist
Matematikksenteret - Norwegian Center for Mathematics Education
Trondheim, Norway

I enjoy creating mathematical artwork with multiple interpretations and hidden ideas that can be revealed by thoughtful interaction. I enjoy working with all kinds of media to capture mathematical ideas in ways that are pleasing, surprising and invite further reflection.

Tablet or smartphone
Digital interactive art on a touch device

This is a digital representation of multiplication in a modulo system. Every dot is a number, with 0 at the top and then numbered clockwise around the circle like a clock. Arcs show the result of a multiplication. When multiplied by 2, for example, dot 1 connects to dot 2 with an arc, dot 2 connects to dot 4, dot 3 to 6 and so on.

You control the multiplication number by rolling a dot around the circle, and a slider controls how many dots are in your clock. Designs are animated to show string-art like transformations from one rune to the next. Buttons change the color scheme and direction of animation.

This is Art-To-Go! Take it with you as a free iphone, ipad or android web-app so you can play and investigate further.