2014 Bridges Conference

Abdalla G. M. Ahmed


Abdalla G. M. Ahmed


Khartoum, Sudan




I am primarily interested in monochrome Algorithmic Art, with applications including decorating pixel patterns and weaving. Recently I have been much inspired by Inglis and Kaplan's work on op art, and motivated by the chalenges they highlighted in their papers on this topic.


Image for entry 'Around the World in 80 Days'

Around the World in 80 Days

A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in)



This is an Euler tour (single loop) around the world map, visiting every point once and only once, before returning back. The finished work looks like op art, where vertical lines represent land, and horizontal lines represent sea. The idea is inspired primarily by Inglis-Kaplan work on op art, and secondarily by Bosch-Kaplan TSP art. Realization is partially inspired by Cameron Browne's work on "Truchet curves and surfaces". This represents the mathematical part, where a spanning tree is made to cover the world, guided by image information, and it is then outlined to make the op art. The spanning tree itself represents the 'interior' of Jordan curve theorem.
Image for entry 'AA Life'

AA Life

25x20 cm

Digital frame


Additional info

AA-Bitmaps are ornamental monochrome pixel patterns exhibiting nested structures. To make these patterns more life we port them into Conway's Game of Life (GoL); then these patterns evolve into interesting patterns over generations. It is not difficult to make Symmetric AA-Bitmaps, and such symmetry would evolve into a kaleidoscope-like effect in GoL. It would be interesting to study the behavior of AA-Bitmaps in GoL analytically, trying to find out which patterns generate visually appealing growth, which ones live longer, and so on.