Annie Verhoeven

Sint Anthonis

As a visual artist, Annie Verhoeven has developed a unique technique to make her artwork, which she has named “thread-art”. Mathematics are an integral part of this process and run through every aspect of the here presented work. Precise calculations are used for example to decide the thickness of the used thread and the relation between thread and open space. But mathematical processes are also used to determine the correct portions in mixing and using the differed chemical compounds that give so many of her fragile thread works the distinctive ability to be freestanding, spatial sculptures.

Paper-thread, brass, rubber

This work consists of three cones, each one formed by a flat and a curved surface. Each cone is made out of paper thread, hand wrought to form a single surface. The three cones, by means of their colour, symbolise the essential qualities used by scientists and artists to proceed in their creative development and to form new ideas. The outer cone is coloured black, symbolizing masculine and protective powers. The next cone is white, symbolising innocence and creativity. The inner cone has a purple colour, which stands for feminine and intuitive qualities. The red rods, which support the whole structure, signify determination and energy, the forces that will allow these qualities to eventually lead to the desired outcome.