Bernhard Rietzl

Freelance artist

I am interested in the combination of art and mathematics especially number theory. Prime numbers can be seen as the elements of the whole numbers, compound numbers literally are the products of these basic elements. It is like in chemistry where the chemical elements are the basis for all compound molecules.

Hexagonal number tree 6k+-1
Hexagonal number tree 6k+-1
57cm (h) x 40cm (w) x 40cm (d)
Mixed media: KERAFLEX® porcelain tape, acrylic plastic, control electronics, LEDs

Natural numbers represented by their number of prime divisors running down a six-sided hexagonal trunk. The sculpture can be lightened from the inside by LEDs. Unlightened the sculpture is just black and white. Lightened it becomes quite colorful and reveals some "secrets" of the natural numbers caused by lithographic effects; that is light shining through thicker or thinner pieces of porcelain and therefore causing darker or brighter places on the piece.
Light animations can be played on the object.
One principle of the art piece is the ying-yang: the opposites that form the whole. Opposites black and white, b/w and color, traditional Korean material porcelain and modern plastics&electronics, primes and compounds, dark and bright.