Chirag Mehta

Mumbai, India

Being an architect by profession and an artist by passion, I have been working on devising various methods and algorithms to marry mathematics and aesthetics. Once a synergy is achieved I seek to enliven them in tactical world by medium of architecture, industrial design and sculpture.

24" x 24"
digital print

Golden-Om begins with the simplest geometric figure, a unit circle. Four more circles accommodate within it such that each is Φ (0.618034...)times previous circle. 1st & 2nd circles fit such that they are tangent to each other and unit circle as well. 3rd circle is now put tangentially next to these. The interesting part comes next, wherein when we fit the 4th circle tangential to 2nd and 3rd, it reveals its mystical tangentiality to the primordial unit circle. Art takes off from here, where it is fractalized by fitting circles within circles. Amidst balance of maths and art one cannot help but notice the natural occurrence of symbol “OM”, a yogic ‘primordial sound’ & symbol of peace.