David Reimann

Mathematics and Computer Science, Albion College
Albion, Michigan

I am interested in mathematical patterns that convey a message at multiple levels or scales. I enjoy creating art that uses text to form geometric patterns and geometric patterns that form text. I am also very interested in using tessellations as the basis of interesting patterns.

Fibonacci Nautilus
Fibonacci Nautilus
13 1/4 in by 16 1/4 in
Digital Print

This work is a combination of Fibonacci elements in a shell pattern similar to a nautilus. Twelve quarter-circle sectors are used to create the shell. Each sector is patterned with a tree showing the generational pattern of Fibonacci numbers.

Mathematics is Universal
Mathematics is Universal
23 in x 23 in x 23 in
Mixed media sculpture

This piece is comprised of "mathematics" written in thirty different languages on the edges of a dodecahedral form. Each edge is a single piece of wood with painted letters and containing a small decorative bead. The edges are attached with metal screws to a 3D printed plastic component.

The dodecahedral form echoes the Platonic association of the dodecahedron with the cosmos. The tension arising from the diversity of languages depicted is balanced by the harmony of the simple geometric form. Mathematics allows diverse people to connect by transcending race, ethnicity, and nationality. Mathematics is universal!