Kibum Kim & Hongtaek Hwang*

University Student & Professor, Chairman, Director and Corresponding Artist*
Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Agency of Hands-On Science Class, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Gumi, South Korea

It is well known that the truncated icosahedron(TI) originated from the ancient Greek's philosopher Plato's cosmic imagination based on mathematics. Buckminster Fuller's geodesic structure, the soccer ball "Telstar" and Nano technology molecule model "Fullerene" are realities of it.

For a given regular pentagonal shape(RPS), it is possible for us to image a creative extention of sphere pattern derived from the TI by applying the TI formation scheme. Eventually, through a series of geometric tube design experiments, we can establish a geometric reality of the creative spherical pattern image. We call this reality the Archimedean star with respect to the RPS. Each usual sphere will be a clear example of the Archimedean stars.

 Edged  Archimedean Horizontal Star for Light Cap
Edged Archimedean Horizontal Star for Light Cap
Geometric Tube Design

It is an Archimedean horizontal star of edged type.