Liesbeth van Ginneken

visual artist
independant artist since 1988
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Liesbeth van Ginneken (1966) paints psychological metaphors with humoristic, even ironic overtones and often a double meaning. This way, we discover that many of her subjects originate in concepts and expressions. Sayings, metaphors and proverbs tell a lot about tacitly shared views and social self-evidences. Van Ginneken thus paints something we can all relate to and understand.Van Ginneken elaborate the themes in oilpaint with time-consuming, complicated and mathematical patterns as a symbol of the tension between reality and science.

Aïsha, écoutez-moi
Aïsha, écoutez-moi
30" x 23"
high quality reproduction

The original oilpainting 'Aïsha, écoutez-moi' measures 250 cm x 200 cm (98" x 78"). This painting 'Aisha, listen to me' is an attempt to portray the invisible Muslim woman. Islamic art prescribes no living beings or humans may be displayed. Only her high heeled shoes, walking up the stairs are visible. The 16e-century role with working drawings Topkapi in plane, flat geometry is painted in a mathematical and historical perspective. It counts 4.360 patches and means; 'There's no other God than Allah'. At the background, in the circle, you can read the Arabic names of the prophets Muhammad and Ali. A reproduction in any size of the original painting can be purchased by the Zappart website.