Mehrdad Garousi

Hamadan, Iran

Having experimented with different media, I chose mathematical fractal image making as one of the newest and most wonderful common areas between mathematics and art. Most of my fractal works of art are simultaneous combinations of traditional Euclidean and modern fractal mathematics and geometry that provide many impossible forms, things, terms, and qualities which would not be possible in lonely Euclidean or fractal mathematics or any other same areas without the aid of professional computers.

Fractal Installation #2 (Pentagonal)
Fractal Installation #2 (Pentagonal)
20 x 20 inches
Digital art print

This digital reflectional fractal installation is a pentagonal version of the triangular pyramid I previously presented at 2014 JMM, which is composed of 2 pentagonal groups of marbles, each composed of 6 tangent marbles, that are fixed on each other on the bases. However, the upper group is not visible to the camera and only the lower group could be seen sitting on its lower marble on the floor. In other words, the upper group of the marbles has been used only for the purpose of reflection. Marbles are placed inside a tetrahedron that three faces of which are colored blue, yellow, and red, with a wooden base. A light source has also been positioned in the center of the space inside the pyramid.