Nathan Selikoff

Orlando, FL

I play with interactivity and motion in time and space: in the colorful swirls of abstract, mathematically generated forms; in the whimsical dancing of a giant cardboard marionette; and in the mysterious movement of light across musical performers.

Inspired by the behavior of systems, science, nature, and music, I combine computer code, traditional materials, and future technology to bring new ideas to life. As people of all ages interact with my art, I hope they experience the same curiosity and wonder that I do during the creative process.

Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos
Dimensions Variable
Interactive Software Art

Beautiful Chaos is an experimental art app designed for the Leap Motion Controller, a 3D motion control device that enables gestural interaction with a computer.

The user interacts with the software and the underlying mathematical formulas to produce an infinite variety of futuristic, abstract shapes. As the user’s hands move, the coefficients of a math equation change, and the chaotic cloud of particles ripples and shifts in unpredictable, beautiful and mysterious ways.