RAM-8 Groep

Association of plastician artists:
Anusch Bayens, Carlo De Pauw, Carmen Geens, Mark Pieters, André Thomas, Alex Van Bogaert, Samuel Verbiese, Nico Willemsens.
Overijse, Belgium

RAM-8 Groep was established in Overijse, Belgium last year as a continuation of an existing 15 years-old art group called RAM, and participated in the Bridges Enschede 2013 Exhibit. The group is back this year (welcoming two newcomer local artists replacing two others fine friends who needed to quit) with another collective creation. Like last year, the object will feature 8 artwork panels this time vertically dihedral featuring together a 3D-display around a structure having an 8-fold rotational symmetry either installed on an axial pedestal or hung from the ceiling.

Only required is using '8' in some mathematical way using yellow and violet grades.

The final work was not ready for the catalog so project images are shown.

RAM-8 Connection II
RAM-8 Connection II
Pairs of 8 24x24cm 'main'and 17x24 'extension' panels, overall dimensions about 77.5x77.5x59cm with pedestal or 77.5x77.5x24 when hung.
8 works in mixed media organized in a glued structure made of 0.6cm thick MDF panels

The work features 8 'main' square panels, this time 24cm-sided and mounted at a right angle on 8 'extension' panels to form 8 'open book' dihedral corners featuring together a 3D-display representing a yellow sun-like 8-fold rotational symmetric shape as seen from above.

The 8 uneven dihedral works stem around the outside from 8 triangular (diagonally half-square) prisms glued together and forming an axial octogonal empty prism. The Yellow color was selected from a Belgian artist, Anita Drisch, who designs educational mathematical games associating colors to the 10 figures of the decimal numbering system, Yellow standing for 8.

Please check-out the website for details and pictures of the actual work.