Sejin Park

origamist, student
LGCA(Lions Gate Christian Academy) student (Gr 8)
North Vancouver. BC. Canada

Sejin Park was born May 25. 2000 in Seoul Korea. He has been folding paper since five years old, but he became very enthusiastic about origami when he was ten and started designing his own models. He is interested in Geometry and nature. He enjoys mixing nature and geometry into a single square paper with folding. He has several origami workshops for children in NYC and Seoul, Korea. Now he is an eighth grade student in Vancouver, Canada.

spider on the creased web
spider on the creased web
22x26x3 cm
20 x 20 cm, square tracing paper

Origami Spider with Web
The web is the crease pattern for the spider. The web shape has been simplified to an octagon with radiation symmetry. Each vertex forms spider's leg.

Dragon H
Dragon H
35 x 35cm, square paper

Dragon H has a small head with sharp, pointed tail. It has double wings on each side. This is
his first complex design, because he loves the dragon which is the symbol for the year of his birth.

30 x 30 cm square paper

Sejin is also interested in aircraft like normal teen boys. He made this aircraft for his own toy. This origami F22 has big triangular-shaped wings with 3 wheels on the bottom.