Yoshiaki Araki, Ph.D.

Artist, Mathematician
Japan Tessellation Design Association
Tokyo, JAPAN

Tessellation is one of the best ways to illustrate mathematical natures of the shapes/spaces by repeating the congruent figures along them.
I have been pursuing tessellation design of shapes/spaces to attract wide range of audiences with recognizable figures familiar to them such as animals.
My recent interest is to apply tessellation design to newly discovered shapes/spaces because they are hardly incomprehensible to audiences outside the speciality in most cases.
The artwork is made of paper preciously laser cut for ease of building up the artwork for audiences by their hands within a short time.

Parrots Tessellation on C80H30 with K<0 surface
Parrots Tessellation on C80H30 with K<0 surface
20 x 20 x 4 cm

Inspired by C80H30, the world first discovered warped nano carbon material with constant negative gaussian curvature (K<0) surface. The material is modeled as a discrete surface consisting of two types of congruent triangles. Tessellation design is applied to the triangles to illustrate the local simplicity of the surface in contrast to its global warped structure. In the artwork, 160 parrots are crowdedly perching on the carbon-carbon bounding of the C80H30.