Bard College
North Lauderdale, Florida

John has always been an artist. Like all children, playing with paints and crayons was great fun however with John, it was something more. It became a vehicle in which he learned to express himself. From the time he was able to hold a pencil he has been sketching, drawing, and creating worlds of his own to escape into. John never learned of perspective, anatomy, composition, color relativity, light or shadows. John always looks at the detail in everything, how shapes interact, the composition of them, how light hits them, all the colors that are in them and the contrast of light & darkness. John, being essentially self-taught, developed his own style which incorporates all styles, yet doesn’t embrace one style completely.

16 X 24
Oil on Canvas

Straight edge and compass trisection of π/3 through construction of a 9 sided polygon/18 sided polygon. Since this trisection is impossible, this is only an approximation.