Andrew Davidhazy

Professor (retired)
45 years with Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

For 45 years I taught something that can best be described as Applied Photography or Technical Photography. The use of photography as a tool of measurement as well as visualization. In short, photography as a tool of science. My emphasis always was in the fact that effective use of photography in science also requires a significant awareness of esthetics if one is to not only measure with, but ultimately also communicate with, a technical image.

Silo magic
Silo magic
25 x 24 cm
Photograph - presented in a 16 x 20 inch frame

The original photograph of the silo had a screen made of black lines superimposed digitally over the areas of the silo made of corrugated metal. This corrugated surface then interacted with the superimposed screen to produce the moire pattern. This pattern can be mathematically described and predicted based on the superimposed screen and the spacing and direction of the pattern of dark and light areas on the surface of the silo.