Thread-Art Verhoeven

Artist: Annie Verhoeven & Stefan Verhoeven
Sint Anthonis, The Netherlands

When threads form the primary materials of an art form, as is the case with all my works, math becomes an indispensable part of the creative process but also plays an important role in the overall ascetics of the finished work. All my art strives to uses mathematical principles to achieve ecstatically pleasing constructions, making humble threads into often freestanding three-dimensional objects that interact with the environment they are placed in. This can be seen for instance in the calculation of the relations between open spaces and the thickness of the used threads, which not only serve to be pleasing to the eye, but also to make sure the work remains structurally sound.

16 x 14 x 17 cm
paper thread, epoxy resin, car primer

When choosing, as in this case, to make an applied artwork, a second key point is added to the requirement of ascetics: functionality. This provides a new challenge in the design and the construction of the work, based on a concept by Stefan Verhoeven, as the chair not only needs to be strong enough to support a person, but also needs to be comfortable. To aid in both comfort and functionality, the chair has been designed to be used in two different ways: as a low, comfortable seat and a higher chair. To switch between both types of seats, one can simply turn the chair upside down. The use of threads as materials and the open construction makes the chair lightweight and easy to handle in both positions.