Jeffrey Hoover

Associate Professor - Director of Integrated Arts
University of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD USA

In 1990, Jeffrey Hoover created his first interdisciplinary work The Colors of Music, a combined work for electronic music, paintings, and dancer. Since that time, he has explored and created a body of works through visual, musical, and mathematical-scientific principles, as a mean of connecting and communicating with diverse audiences. Some of these of these works can be experienced at the site

55 x 75 cm
Pastel and acrylic on paper

Golden combines music with painting. This work is part of a larger body of works by Jeffrey Hoover that combine the disciplines of art, music, and mathematics-science.

Two golden mean – derived arches unfold, overlapping, with the second arch repeating aspects of the first arch. The painting is organized in a temporal manner, reading from left to right. Visual hues are parallel to the classical and jazz music melodic and harmonic structures based especially on the ratio of 4:3.

The title, Golden, comes from the perception of glow and warmth, with reference to historic golden mean constructions and proportions, reflecting tension and balance in this musically and visually abstract work.