Olga Ast

New York, NY, USA

I’m a conceptual interdisciplinary artist and curator. My projects have combined different media to find the interconnecting threads between such divergent fields as art, poetry, philosophy, science and technology; they reside in the “gray zone” between these disciplines. One of my main goals is to investigate connections between space, time and information. I have exhibited and lectured internationally, presenting my work at various art-science projects, conferences and galleries. My publications include the books 'Fleeing from Absence: four cross-disciplinary essays on time, its nature and its interpretations' and 'Infinite Instances: Studies & Images of Time'.

Warped Box
Warped Box
60 x 40 cm
A digital image printed on paper

This work was conceptualized and originally hand-drawn in the early 1980s. It began as a visual graphics exercise with the goal of creating a drawing of a warped surface using only straight lines. I have recently recreated this idea using Adobe Illustrator, graphic design software, and included a visual explanation of how it was done. I believe that visitors at the Mathematical Art exhibition may be curious to see a process of concept development and evolution of the image. In the current digital state this work can be produced in any size on any medium including paper, fabric and digital screens. I chose 40 x 60 cm paper size for the exhibition, but it can be printed larger or smaller. All colors can be changed as well.