Yeohyun Ahn

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Media
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana

Life Version 3.0: Beyond Life is an interdisciplinary art project crossing boundaries between calligraphy, graphic art, typography, computer art and sculpture. It reinterprets the meaning of life as an organic shape. Life consists of numerous unexpected episodes and dramas, connecting from the past through the present to the future. I constructed the letterforms in the word “Life” using Ricard Marxer’s Geomerative Library in Processing with the seed font Stanford.

Life Version 3.0: Beyond Life
Life Version 3.0: Beyond Life
90 x 60 cm
Typography, Processing and Laser cutting

I used binary tree algorithms to represent the unpredictable episodes with random function and dramas of life as lines extending from the outlines of the letterforms. The computer code was converted to PDF in Processing and engraved in scratchboard using a Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter in June 2014. It explores the aesthetic of code-driven typography and extends the territory of cyberspace to physical space by using digital fabrication.