David H Press

artist and retired teacher
mathematics department, Blind Brook Middle/High School
Hastings on Hudson, New York USA

I am dedicated to fully exploring the possibilities of three dimensional shapes formed from straight lines. Symmetry makes it easier to suspend a part in midair as the forces on the part pull it in all directions equally. My recent work explores more assymetrical forms and the incorporation of more empty space as part of the definition of the shape of the piece. I’ve also concentrated on the creation of shapes that appear to float in space.

For inspiration, I draw on the work of 19th century mathematician and model maker Theodore Olivier and artists Naum Gabo, Alexander Calder and Kenneth Snelson.

The pieces in this show are representative of my most recent work.

This is a ruled surface piece showing tensegrity and symmetries. This piece was inspired by the work of artist Naum Gabo.

Three 3/4 great circles inspired by the steel sculptural work of Nat Friedman. The piece contains a series of ruled surfaces.

This is a ruled surface holding the floating circles, not touching, using tensegrity. Any piece using tensegrity is partly inspired by the work of Kenneth Snelson.