Donna Loraine Contractor

Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Color is a source of constant joy for me and I delight in the full range of its use - bold and surprising color combinations and the subtle gradations of a single color. The colors and the unique quality of light in the Southwest, and the diverse forms of its land and sky scapes, make up a rich and diverse palette.I love the materials used in the weavings,from the strong smooth cotton warp to the luster of hand-dyed wools and the sparkle of silks, I continue to be enraptured with the feel and look of textiles.The very act of weaving has become metaphor – the web of life, weaving a tale - and is entwined with my choice of imagery and the use of the window set within a frame, a view to another place, another reality as a motif in my work.

"CHINESE PYTHAGOREAN PROOF", Orange :Universal language Series
"CHINESE PYTHAGOREAN PROOF", Orange :Universal language Series
50 x 50 cm
Hand dyed wool weft, cotton warp

This is an algebraic proof of the a2+b2=c2 proof found on block prints in China and reputed to be from a contemporary of Pythagoras.
I am fascinated by all these types of proofs but this one has such strong graphics and its solution is based on shape equivalencies which I have demarcated through color