Robert Fathauer and Marla Peterson

Small business owner, puzzle designer, author, and artist; Engineer
Tessellations Company, Honeywell International
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I'm endlessly fascinated by certain aspects of our world, including symmetry, chaos, and infinity. Mathematics allows me to explore these topics in distinctive artworks that I feel are an intriguing blend of complexity and beauty.

The laws that govern our physical universe can be succinctly expressed by mathematical equations. As a result, mathematics can be seen throughout the natural world, and much of my work plays on mathematical forms in nature.

I enjoy trying new things that I haven't seen anywhere. This piece combines hyperbolic crocheting with ceramics, where the crocheting was done by Marla.

Three-fold Hyperbolic Form
Three-fold Hyperbolic Form
33 x 60 x 60 cm
Ceramics and Crocheted Hemp Cord

This piece combines a ceramic lower section with a crocheted upper section. The ceramic structure enables a unique and more symmetric form for a relatively large hyperbolic crocheted piece. Use of a second and contrasting medium also adds interest. A three-lobed motif occurs at different scales, so that the surface is approximately fractal in addition to being hyperbolic, The edges of the croqueted hemp cord define three sinuous space curves.