Gary Greenfield

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia

Most of my computer generated algorithmic artworks arise from visualizations of mathematical processes or biologically inspired processes. I strive to focus the viewer's attention on the complexity and intricacy underlying such processes.

Avoidance Drawing #23109-6
Avoidance Drawing #23109-6
25 x 25 cm
Digital Print

Avoidance drawings arise from k virtual drawing robots (drawbots) executing random walks based on curvature, via a model introduced by Chappell, subject to the rule: drawbots must pivot to avoid crossing the paths of other drawbots and the boundaries of the n x n square on which they roam. Drawbot paths partition the square into k simply-connected regions. When k = 4, n = 1000, and initial drawbot orientations are fixed there are (10)^24 possible starting configurations. After storing a stream of pseudo-random numbers for drawbot decision making, I use a genetic algorithm to identify configurations that maximize the minimum taken over the number of white squares neighboring each path obtaining avoidance drawings such as the one shown here.