Gershon Elber

professor of Computer Science
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

Gershon Elber is a professor in the Computer Science Department, Technion, Israel. His research interests span computer aided geometric designs and computer graphics.

Interested in so called "impossible drawings", he has established the "Escher for Real" ( web site where many of M. C. Escher drawings and others artists of so called "impossible drawings" became tangible 3D objects that look like the impossible drawings from a specific view.

Elber also exploits his geometric abilities in his woodworking shop to recreate many intriguing 3D geometries from wood (including some of the so called "impossible objects". See for more.

3D Dithered Ortho-pictures
3D Dithered Ortho-pictures
6 x 6 x 6 cm

This specific work is a result of a computer algorithm to simultaneously 3D-dither two (or more) 2D gray-level images in R^3, in orthogonal views, and fusing them into one 3D model embedded in a cube, so that the different input images are seen from the different faces of the cube. From one axis-parallel view of the cube model, the first image is seen, and from a second, orthogonal, view, the second image is seen. The result of this 3D-dithering of both images is a cloud of points that has been etched in glass using the nowadays-common laser focusing techniques.
An academic paper describing the underneath algorithm has been accepted to the Bridge 2015 conference.