Ichiro Tanioka

Kobe Design University and Japan Tessellation Design Association

I am interested in broad potential applications of tessellation / geometric patterns to education in lower elementary.
I have been developing various educational materials as puzzles for pupils to effectively obtain fundamental idea of geometry and art through play.

Mt.Fuji and Kakigori Variations
Mt.Fuji and Kakigori Variations
30 x 40 cm

An unexpectedly wide variety of geometric patterns are emerged by pupils from their assembling efforts of 78 identical simple pieces of equilateral triangles. Each side of the piece is divided horizontally in two colors, white and dark green, but two sides are differently colored; the one side is called Mt. Fuji named after the highest mountain in Japan with a noble triangular figure covered by white snow on the top. And the other side is called Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) with green tea flavored syrup is topped on the white shaved. Hexagonal frames are given to pupils for pursuing their own periodic patterns by filling with pieces through rotating and flipping them.