irene rousseau

professional artist
artworks in international art museums, gallery exhibitions
41 Sunset Drive, Summit, New Jersey, 07901, USA

My story began decades ago. It is about my passion to understand structure and patterns found in the seen and invisible world. The insights I have gained underlie the conceptual framework for the body of my work.

My creative works bear a relation to the natural world and the mathematical patterns and structures found in natural forms.

Look and listen... nature is a polyphonic symphony of rhythms patterns, colors and sounds.

"Stretching the Space-7"
"Stretching the Space-7"
91 x 91 x 6 cm
oil paint,pen & ink on canvas

This work begins with a square canvas to explore symmetry and a geometric conception on a two dimensional plane. It is based on a grid with linear extensions of bounded and unbounded spaces. The square unit module serves as a unifying element and consists of the sum of multiples of these units that become an interlocking pattern that is distributed over a field. The central core consists of rotated patterns, cutting across and overlapping contour lines that result in subdivided spaces, color shifts and fragmentation. My interest is to show a rhythmic pattern through repetition, transition, movement and change. It represents the structures and patterns that are a result of forces in nature and environmental factors.