Joseph Clinton

Retired Design Scientist
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

The transformation and unity of all things begin with the connection & relationship between the physical and metaphysical duality of Universe.
All that is physical is energy, and all that is matter is the manifestation of energy.
All that is metaphysical are the instructions for behavior of transformations, connections and relationships defining the language for the manifestation between the physical and metaphysical.
As the physical and metaphysical make connection their relationship initiates a transformation of energy to take on a form that we can measure.
I seek to find the language expressing the rules and order in the manifestation.

Wenninger's Order-in-Chaos
Wenninger's Order-in-Chaos
16 x 30 x 30 cm
3D printed nylon, Neodymiun magnets, Peters Creek schist and beach sand

This piece is one of a series of studies of Father Magnus J. Wenninger’s {3,5+}16,0“Order-in-Chaos, Stage 2” polyhedral sculpture in preparation for raising funds for its realization as a sculpture.The ‘Order-in-Chaos’ spherical polyhedron is 3-D printed in nylon of a triangulated geodesic {3,5+}16,0 polyhedron with some triangles removed.
The support base is also 3-D printed in nylon. The mathematical function used is a rotation around the y axis of a spherical Bessel function of the third kind. The two forms are attached using Neodymium magnets for ease of exchanging models.
Father Magnus J. Wenninger’s sculpture will be made of mirror polished titanium and located outside of the north Peter Engel Science Center on the campus of St

Desert Kiss
Desert Kiss
10 x 15 x 15 cm
3D printed nylon, petrified tree, and sedimentary river rock

This sculpture was inspired by a memory. At that time a desert butte was kissed by the stars. The four stars seem close enough to touch in the clear night sky. Their mathematical geometry is from the tetrahedral ‘stellated-polycylinderhedron’ series of intersections of its symmetry axes. Any symmetry axes set or combination of sets will define a ‘stellated-polycylinderhedron’ by the Boolean operations of the union of axes sets followed by an intersection of the combined axes sets. Positioned clockwise around the butte are the celestial stars depicted by; edge & vertex axes cylinder stellations, edge & face axes cylinder stellations, face & vertex axes cylinder stellations, edge, vertex & face axes cylinder stellations.