Kate Jones

Artist, president of Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
Pasadena, Maryland 21122 -- USA

I create and make original tiling sets (playable art) of geometric combinatorial concepts. Each set can be rearranged to form amazing symmetries and combinations. Each set has its own unique mathematical properties. We produce them in lasercut acrylic in vibrant colors, where the colors themselves are part of the character of each set. Designed in framed holding trays for display as art on an easel. They are intriguing to play with, with simpler models suitable even for children. Solutions can be found by hand and also lend themselves to computer searches. Many of my designs are members of and can be plotted on the grids of the 17 classic symmetry groups. In addition to the large model for exhibit, I propose supplying a hands-on mini set.

Grand Snowflake
Grand Snowflake
38 x 46 x 1 cm
Lucite (acrylic)

Tessellations of a square with 4 kinds of edge contours in every combination, a complete set of all 70 distinct tile patterns. Created, developed and made by Kate Jones. This arrangement has the 10 diagonally symmetrical pieces placed in the diagonal rows from opposite corners. Five colors alternate in diagonal rows, yielding 14 of each color. Tens of thousands of solutions are possible. Each convex heart fits any concave heart-shaped space. Straight sides join straight sides, and "twinkle" cut-outs meet twinkles. The set invites exploration of other figures besides the 7x10 rectangle.