Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Art Student
Universidad Andres Bello
Santiago, Chile

Fascinated by mathematics and technology, Chilean artist Regina Bittencourt has developed her career in the field of information technology.

After exploring many materials, formats and media, Regina got interested in abstract art that builds on lines, curves, algorithms, surfaces, structures, polynomials and other entities, in order to develop a Mathematical Art Work as an artistic expression.

She imposes herself the difficult challenge of making art based solely on mathematical concepts to show the beauty of this discipline.

A Study of Perspective
A Study of Perspective
30 x 40 cm
Giclee over canvas of Acrylic and paper on canvas panel

Perspective is the art and mathematics of realistically depicting 3D objects in a 2D plane. Some rules are: the horizon appears as a line; straight lines in space appear as straight lines in the image; sets of parallel lines meet at a vanishing point.

This landscape is a study on perspective, done by the artist, where the rules and math of perspective are beautifully applied: Spheres (topiaries), parallel lines (trails, buildings), conical frustums (left topiaries) and circles are drawn to present the most amazing garden.