Roberto L. Giardili

Artist. Sculpture Teacher and Electronic Engineer
Cipolletti. Río Negro. Patagonia Argentina

The motivation for my work comes from the idea that mathematical concepts can be used as a source of art. My aim is the design of sculptures inspired by fractal geometry and, for this purpose, I develop my own computer programs. I enjoy making my ideas tangible through the realization of the sculptures itself as well as building the necessary accessories.

My idea for this event is based on Möbius strips, which is widely used for aesthetic purposes. I developed a rectangular section ring using segments to delimit its faces. In total, the sculpture consists of one hundred and twenty individual segments (mild steel tubing) conveniently cut and welded.

Möbius Discrete Ring
Möbius Discrete Ring
60 x 60 x 20 cm
Welded mild steel tubing

The development of sculpture "Möbius Discrete Ring" begins with a rectangular parallelepiped whose faces are themselves a squared generator (eight segments), as in the Minkowski sausage, in L Systems fractal geometry. The initiator comprises five aligned straight sections and, in each face, the generating curves get narrower and overlap in order to achieve the appropriate dimensions. The resulting curve in each side is out of phase with respect to the adjacent faces. Then, a cylindrical ring of the same rectangular section is formed. Finally, each point of the ring is twirled in the same radial plane to which it belongs. The rotation angle is half of the travelled angle and the position of the rotation center is of the transverse section.