Andjelka Simic

Teacher of Mathematics
High School
Ub, Serbia

I see mathematics and art as one and I am very excited in occasions when something which is nice for the eye of the observer I can explain with mathematical language. What I find inspirational in art is its freedom, and in mathematics most certainly the precision and creativity that I have observed solving many different problems using simple rules that are scientifically and accurately given. Being fascinated by the beauty and possibilities of modularity, especially the “OpTiles” (Jablan S, Modularity in art), which is the borderline between arts and mathematics, I soon came up with the idea of applying “OpTiles” on the jewelry and clothes, because I seek regularities by my own nature on jewelry and clothes looking for any kind of order.

Jewellery inspired by optical ornaments
Jewellery inspired by optical ornaments
30mm × 35mm × 2mm
Engraved plastic

Same as we have in mathematics, in modularity we get by the process of recombination of a few simple elements totally different complex structures. In this case those complex structures are optical ornaments, which issue with precision, elegance, creativity... From the black-and-white basic elements I get the corresponding black-and-white ornaments. My jewelry collection is inspired precisely by the beauty of optical ornaments. Also, everyone can notice the symmetry, antisymmetry or rotation on these pieces of jewelry. In my opinion, this kind of jewelry is adequate for any occasion, regardless of gender, age, and what fashion trends are being promoted at the moment.