Betty Garcia

Artist & Mathematics Student
Mathematics Department, The University of Texas Pan American
Edingburg, Texas

As far as I can remember math and art have always been my two greatest loves. As a child I was often told they were on opposite sides of the spectrum, but I saw otherwise. As a high school student I had the opportunity to show others what I saw and understood of math and art in my AP Studio Art class. I began working on pieces utilizing polar curves, slope fields, and parametric equations. I am currently ill and have been forced by my illness to interrupt my studies and work of my two greatest joys. Nonetheless, I would like to share my past artworks with you. I offer them for your enjoyment.

A Mathematicians Zarape
A Mathematicians Zarape
12 inches x 12 inches
Digital Artwork (Print)

This artwork was produced during my senior year in high school as part of a portfolio of math based artworks for my AP Studio Art class. I wanted to show to people who were not interested in math how organic and creative mathematics could be. Additionally, I wanted to show how rigorous concepts could be converted into visually pleasing images. A Mathematics Zarape showcases the slope field (3cos(3x))y.